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Hendricks & Lewis

We provide sophisticated dispute resolution and transactional services—in the collegial atmosphere of a smaller firm—to individuals, businesses and other organizations. Our practice focuses on litigation and alternative dispute resolution, intellectual property, negotiating, drafting and interpreting contracts, and resolving contract-based disputes. We also assess, counsel, negotiate and provide drafting services related to the formation and governance of business entities, estate planning, commercial and real estate transactions, employment, government contracts, public disclosure and public authority law; and conduct litigation and other forms of dispute resolution in each of these areas. Please see our practice areas for detailed descriptions of our services.

We are most experienced working with creative companies and individuals on legal issues arising in music, literature, photography, the arts, entertainment and sports; product development, differentiation, branding and marketing; publishing, media and advertising; and software and the Internet. We also have significant experience with recycling; hazardous waste management; greenhouse gas and ODS reduction; and the production, verification and transfer of carbon offset credits and related environmental and regulatory issues. Additionally, individual firm members are experienced in urban development, public/private ventures, historic preservation, environmental and land use issues, and in the petroleum, timber, fishing, shipbuilding, railroad, banking and securities industries.

We excel at:
• Litigating contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, trademark, copyright, trade secrets, unfair
   competition, and securities disputes.
• Negotiating, drafting, and interpreting contracts, including intellectual property transfers, and licenses.
• Identifying and assisting in the acquisition and protection of valuable intellectual property interests.
• Dealing effectively with novel factual and legal issues.
• Working productively and efficiently with both our clients and other professionals, including co-counsel.

To discuss our experience or how we might assist you, please contact us.

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