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Representative Work
Stephen McCullagh and Aegis Assisted Living, LLC v. Timothy Crawford, et al.
No. 01-2-27392-2SEA (Wash. Superior Court, King County, filed October 4, 2001)


O. Yale Lewis, Jr.

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Aegis Assisted Living, LLC is a California company that builds residential homes for senior citizens, which are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of the aging. In August 2000, Aegis purchased several acres of property in Shoreline, Washington through which flows a watercourse known as “Thornton Creek.” In December 2000, fire destroyed an existing building on the site that Aegis was in the process of demolishing. In August 2001, at the request of the City of Shoreline, Aegis held a public meeting at the Shoreline Center to discuss the project. Stephen McCullagh, an Aegis executive, facilitated that public meeting, which was attended by 40-50 people, many of whom were adamantly opposed to any development near Thornton Creek. At that meeting, a neighbor and selfstyled advocate for Thornton Creek, who had opposed the Aegis development, described Mr. McCullagh as an “arsonist” and “felon” who “need[ed] to be in jail.”

On October 4, 2001, Aegis and Mr. McCullagh filed claims against that individual and others for slander, libel and conspiracy. Trial was set for February 2003. In late November 2002, Hendricks & Lewis substituted as counsel for Aegis and Mr. McCullagh, immediately prepared and served discovery requests on the defendants, took depositions and otherwise prepared for trial.

In February 2003, Aegis and Mr. McCullagh obtained a mediated settlement with which they were fully satisfied.

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