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Representative Work
James A. Hendrix v. Leo Branton,
Jr., et al.

No. C93-537Z (W.D. Wash. filed April 16, 1993)


O. Yale Lewis, Jr.
Katherine Hendricks

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The Hendrix litigation pitted Jimi Hendrix’s father, Al Hendrix, in a two-year struggle against a large and ever-changing cast of lawyers, accountants, professional managers, music executives and various national, international, and offshore corporations, partnerships and trusts. The objective was control of the Hendrix legacy, which Al Hendrix had allegedly sold in 1974 for an income stream of $50,000 a year. As a result of Hendricks & Lewis’s six-month investigation and legal assessment, and in response to recent news reports that MCA was acquiring the “Hendrix catalogue” from entities that claimed to own the Hendrix legacy pursuant to various agreements Al Hendrix allegedly signed in 1974 and thereafter, Hendricks & Lewis filed on behalf of Al Hendrix a suit in federal court in Seattle, Washington in the Spring of 1993, claiming an accounting, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, legal malpractice, restitution based upon rescission of contract, securities law violations, violation of RICO, conspiracy to defraud, infringement of copyrights, unfair competition, conversion, infringement of rights of publicity and declaratory judgments.

After two years of intense and extensive international and multi-faceted discovery and motion practice that included multiple injunctions, discovery orders and interim appeals resolved by the Ninth Circuit, the parties entered into a mediated settlement. That settlement, which was read into the court record on May 2, 1995, conveyed to Al Hendrix “all rights, claims and interests in and to any and all parts of the properties described generally as the Jimi Hendrix legacy. These conveyances will include intellectual properties, physical properties, and all copies, reproductions, intangible rights and so forth associated with the Jimi Hendrix legacy.”

Copies of the complaints filed in this action can be found at:  Complaint, Amended Complaint, and Second Amended Complaint.

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